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Foundation Eat better. Live better.

Foundation Eat better. Live better.

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http://www.eatbetter-livebetter.org www.eatbetter-livebetter.org


With the “Eat better. Live better” foundation, established in 2012, AMC has created a podium that goes beyond the boundaries of the company and its economic interests and makes a significant contribution to the healthy and enjoyable nutrition of children and families. The founder company AMC has been committed to a new eating culture promoting more enjoyment, better health and quality of life. The loss of the classical family structure and the boom in all-day care for children makes nutrition training and nutrition education in public institutions increasingly important. So in future, the selection and quality of meals through to the culture of eating will no longer be decisively influenced only by the parents but also the kindergarten and school. That is our opportunity. Eating healthily is a learning process for which both parents and the caring institutions are jointly responsible We want to lend our support and make our proposals.

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