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NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management

NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management

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http://www.nithh.de www.nithh.de



The Northern Institute of Technology Management (NIT) offers a double degree program taught in English. Unique to Europe, this post graduate program invites excellent and highly talented students from all over the world to complete a Master of Science in Engineering and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Technology Management within a two year period. Students with less than two years of work experience may earn a Master in Technology Management (MTM).

Especially attractive: most of the tuition fees and the rent for the on-campus NIT apartments are covered by scholarships by sponsors, supporters and partners. Our program by both the NIT and the Hamburg University of Technology demands a great deal from its participants. We encourage applications from exceptionally talented students who seek to become responsible leaders. We offer a carefully integrated mix of lectures, presentations, business simulations, small group discussions, and an extraordinary focus on the areas of ethics, communication and foreign languages. Two masters in two years - a truly unique combination!

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